Protective Factors Survey — Military Families

About the PFS-MF Guidebook

The Protective Factors Survey, Military Families (PFS-MF) edition was designed for use with parents and caregivers participating in parent education and support programs that serve military families. The survey assesses multiple protective factors known to keep families strong and reduce and mitigate child maltreatment, as well as factors unique to the challenges of military family life. Subscales include social support, nurturing and attachment, military family life and resilience, concrete support, and program evaluation.

About the Survey

The survey results are designed to: 

  • give providers a snapshot of the families they serve,
  • measure changes in family protective factors, and 
  • help identify areas where staff can focus on increasing protective factors for each family.

The survey can help you learn if participation in a program contributes to:

  • An increase in supportive social connections
  • Improved ability for families to overcome challenges
  • Better access to the concrete goods and services families need to thrive
  • Strengthened relationships between parents and children

If you have questions or would like to share your experience implementing the PFS-MF, please contact Kimberly McKenney, Greentrike’s Planning & Evaluation Director, at

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