Meet Our People

Extraordinary Missions Require Extraordinary People

Meet the team members leading the charge


Director Team

Tanya Durand | Executive Director

Brenda Morrison | Deputy Director

Fahren Johnson | Director of Strategic Initiatives

Jennie Griek | Development Director

Alyssa Tongue | Learning Experiences Director

Kimberly McKenney | Planning & Evaluation Director

Department Managers

Venalin Aguilar | OSTI Program Manager

Charleen Balansay | Program Manager, Play to Learn

Rolfe Bautista | Communications Manager

Julia Beerbower | HR Manager

Maria Gaytan | Museum Manager

Alysia Jines | Programs and Playscape Manager

Amelia Layton | OSTI Operations Manager

Jen McDonald | Volunteer Manager

Rod Nash | Grants Manager

Ebony Peterson | Events and Engagement Manager

Shannon Rojecki | Preschool Powered by Play Manager and Lead Teacher at Hoyt campus

Jennifer Gianni-Haubry | Finance Manager

Jessica Winston | Strategic Initiatives Manager


Isabel Muñoz-Colón — President

AJ Treleven — Vice President and Treasurer

Linda Collins — Secretary

Joanne Bamford

Holly Bamford Hunt

Jeff Chamberlin

Melissa Collins

Jeff Dade

Kimberly Fisher

Jerry Heemstra

Kent Roberts

Lynn Smith

Michael Stewart

Ellie Walters

Brandee Williams

Dori Young

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