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How Do We Speak With Children? Podcast

Our podcast, The Center, has a new episode! In this episode, we ask: how do we speak with children? We sit down with Greentrike's Learning Experiences Director Alyssa Tongue, and find out about the science, the practice, and the reality of speaking and sitting with children. Transcription below: SHAUN (narrating): [...]

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COVID-19 Update for Play to Learn

Update: Please visit our page designated for up-to-date information for COVID-19 closure and program changes.  Our highest priority is the safety of our visitors and friends who participate in our programs, and visit our spaces. This includes staying healthy after visiting our museum or one of our programs. With recent [...]

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Healthy Practices

We want all visitors and guests of our programs to be safe, and healthy after they play at Children's Museum of Tacoma, at our Play to Learn classes, or any of our programs. To insure this, we ask that all guests, adults and children alike, wash their hands before entering [...]

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The Center : a podcast by Greentrike

We are excited to announce and share our first four episodes of The Center - a podcast produced by The Muse: A Children's Center staff and students. The children, and our host Shaun, discuss what it means to be a friend, and how to pretend, and even share some spooky [...]

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Census 2020 – Everyone Counts!

Responding to the 2020 Census is an easy, safe, and important way to provide resources for children and their communities. Everyone living in the United States is asked to complete a simple questionnaire every ten years that asks for basic information about the people who live or sleep in their [...]

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Why Do We Sing? Podcast

This week on The Center, our podcast on preschool, we ask "Why Do We Sing?" We sit down with music therapist Jocelyn Manzanarez and look at the benefits of singing to children, the importance of play, and how to get over stage fright. Transcription below: (Recording from a classroom) CHILD [...]

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Welcome, Greentrike

If you attended the Power of Play Lunch on September 19, you have heard our announcement, but in case you missed it, we would love to introduce you to Greentrike, the Children's Museum of Tacoma's new parent organization. What is Greentrike? The work of the Children’s Museum of Tacoma has [...]

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Children’s Museum of JBLM Opening Date Announced

Greentrike is excited to announce the opening date for Children's Museum of JBLM, August 1, 2020. The Children's Museum of JBLM will be the first children's museum on a military installation. This new location will continue to build upon relationships established through our Play to Learn programming on JBLM, and [...]

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