Violent crime in Tacoma has nearly doubled in the last 12 months. Now, more than ever before, youth in our community need safe spaces to live and thrive.

Over the summer, Mayor Victoria Woodards, Council Member Kiara Daniels, and Council Member Sarah Rumbaugh, in collaboration with the Foundation for Tacoma Students, Seeds of Peace (SOP), Greentrike, the Bamford Foundation, and others, sponsored an eight-week collective effort to increase opportunities, civic engagement, and overall quality of life for the young people in our city.

The goal:

  • Reduce racial disparities by developing leadership skills among youth and fostering a sense of community
  • Increase quality out of school time learning opportunities
  • Increase civic engagement among youth and trust in public institutions in Tacoma
  • Increase positive public perception of safety and overall quality of life

SOP youth leaders, charged with designing initiatives for youth and engaging with the community, did just that as they organized and led pop-up activities throughout the summer at community events and modeled what community can look like when young leaders are safe, supported, and heard.

In total, 19 core team members dedicated 319 hours to serve 1,000+ children, youth, and families during the Safe Youth Campaign.


Youth leaders completed nine campaign projects over the summer. Hover over the photos below to learn more about each activity!


Seeds of Peace youth were honored by the Tacoma City Council and recognized by the TeamWrk Foundation for their work with the Safe Youth Campaign and for their advocacy in school, community, and out-of-school time space to ensure youth and young adults have voice, agency, and safe spaces to find their spark and be advocates for the change they want to see.


Here’s what SOP Core Team Members had to say about the Safe Youth Campaign:

 “This summer was very engaging, productive, and exciting. I met a lot of cool new people and had fun while doing so.”

Belya Kisembo, Seeds of Peace

“I am ever so grateful to have been involved with the Safe Youth Campaign under Seeds of Peace. At the end of the day, however, I am more grateful for the youth that we were able to connect with and provide resources to.  Our hoe, and our forefront mission, is to provide safer spaces for youth of all ages in Tacoma and beyond, and to foster a mindset of intellectual curiosity and infinite passion.”

Chloe Mau, Seeds of Peace

“All the events we attended were full of laughter and hard work! I love the sense of community within our team and the long-term impact we made in a short amount of time!”

Riya Richardson, Seeds of Peace

“The Safe Youth Campaign project this summer was an amazing experience to get to work with other youth across Pierce County. While meeting and working with other youth I got to do interesting and safe activities with them like sailing the Adventuress through the Puget Sound.”

Soursdey Sou, Seeds of Peace

“This summer was insightful, creative and really made these past two months feel complete. Having some length time be finished, then having that time feel finished/ complete is the real best result!”

Ava Sims, Seeds of Peace

“Being a part of the Safe Youth Campaign was the most eye-opening and heart-warming experience that I’ve had over the summer. I am so grateful for all of the people I met, the youth that we brought resources to, and the impactful change we made in our community.”

Siryntra Petersen, Seeds of Peace