The art studio at the Children’s Museum of Tacoma is abuzz for Tacoma Arts Month. Printmaking prompts encourage visitors to scratch, stamp, and press designs into foam and onto paper, and on special occasions – they’re invited to try out a proof press with artist and printmaker Katie Dean.


Katie is a Tacoma-based artist known for her vibrant and unique color palette, and her linoleum block prints are influenced by her passion for nature and exploring open spaces.

“Nature themes and bright colors are a big part of what inspires me, and I love incorporating small hidden details into my work as a way to broaden the story of the image.”

The table proof press was donated by Write 253 for use during the printmaking sessions. The press invites children to roll ink onto a linoleum block carving to create a small print of one of Katie’s stamps. She has guided printmaking at the Children’s Museum of Tacoma on two occasions, and both times visitors have crowded the art studio to try their hand at the seemingly magical creation machine. 

“Many of the kids are really enjoying the mechanical nature of the press, and it’s really fun to engage them in the process and hear their questions. I remember how open and uninhibited these little people can be, and that’s really nice to be around.”

Katie has over ten years of experience in graphic design and commercial print production. During her time as a stay-at-home mom, her love of printmaking and letterpress was reignited, and about 8 years ago she started using original prints for her product-based business, Little Green. You can learn more about Katie and her artwork on her website.

“I love the meditative quality of carving and the imperfections that can occur when transforming a drawing into a print. There’s a certain level of letting go with the process that forces me to detach from the final outcome.”

Katie’s printmaking sessions are just one iteration of the arts and culture offerings happening during October for Tacoma Arts Month. Check out the Tacoma Arts Month event calendar to see what’s happening during the last days of the month, and visit the Children’s Museum of Tacoma on Saturday, October 22, from 10 a.m. to noon to attend Katie’s final printmaking session!

Katie Dean is part of the Greentrike Artist in Residence program. For more information about the program or to apply please fill out the form here.