The Russian invasion of Ukraine is the first major European war in decades. Amidst this developing conflict, Greentrike extends our unwavering support for Ukraine and everyone who has been impacted by these tragic events.  

Some of you may have friends or family members in Ukraine, others may have family members in the U.S. military that have been deployed to the region, and most of us have seen some footage of the invasion. Our connection to Ukraine may vary, but the invasion elicits many difficult emotions that we all share. 

The staff at Greentrike is processing the same emotions as events unfold. Our hearts are with you, your friends, and your loved ones. We are all in this together. Be kind to yourselves, and reach out to a friend if you need help processing these events. Sometimes talking is helpful with understanding.

Your children may have heard about the invasion from their friends, social media, or the internet. Undoubtedly, they are experiencing many of the same emotions that us adults are going through. As a caregiver, you want to help the children and youth in your life but may be seeking ways to provide the best support. 

If you have children or youth who ask about Ukraine and if you would like to talk to them about the conflict, then here are a few helpful resources.

Military OneSource provides a myriad of resources for military families. Please visit their website for support.