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Celebrate at the Museum

April Playful Guide

Happy April! Spring is officially upon us, bringing colorful blossoms, sunny days, and the Month of the Military Child, during which we celebrate the children of our service members and veterans. In this month’s Playful Guide, we’ve included a list of picture books to help children learn and discuss [...]

March Playful Guide

Happy March! Before we celebrate the fast approach of springtime, it’s important to recognize the arrival of National Women’s History Month and the rich contributions of countless women to our history and culture. In this month’s guide, you’ll learn about one of the many important women who made history [...]

February Playful Guide

Happy February! Along with chilly weather and settling into the new year, February is recognized as Black History Month to honor the many Black and African-American historical figures who have made incredible contributions to society and culture. Did you know? Dr. Nettie Craig Asberry Longtime Tacoma resident Nettie [...]

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