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Playful News April

Monthly Theme: Honoring Children and Youth When we think about the children and youth in our lives, likely many of the conversations we have with them are focused on the future. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” “When you’re older you’ll be better at [...]

Playful News March

Monthly Theme: Nurturing Change Change can be tough. Too often, fear fills our minds with doubt and makes taking the first step toward change or growth seem more daunting than it actually is. Fear can come from many different sources, like fear of failure, fear of the unknown, [...]

15 Children’s Books to Celebrate Black History Month

Find inspiration and learn about Black culture with this curated list of children's books. These stories broaden perspectives through insightful narratives and creative illustrations while centering and celebrating Black joy! Our recommendations are suited for a range of ages from preschoolers to older elementary children. Hover over the books [...]

7 Family-Friendly Black History Month Events in Pierce County

Every February we celebrate and reflect on the achievements and history of African Americans in the United States. Black History Month is celebrated all over the country to appreciate, honor, and acknowledge the struggles, successes, and strength of the Black/African American community. There are many ways you can engage [...]

Playful News February

Monthly Theme: Friendship Building and maintaining healthy friendships impacts development and well-being, as friends bring us happiness, teach us different perspectives, and help us navigate challenging life experiences. We may share a lot of similarities with our friends, like the clothes we wear, the color of our hair, [...]

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