Child and Youth Centered Communities

How can we make Pierce County the best place to grow up?

We want to answer that question – with real action. Let’s be the village that raises the status of children and youth. Let’s respect them, protect them, lead them, and learn from them. Let’s invite them to be co-creators and collaborators, facilitators and innovators. The children and youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, and our past will be remembered by the way we nurture their future.

Imagine a community where children and youth are considered in all major decision-making, and where adults embrace their responsibility to create a thriving place for children and youth to grow and learn. What does it mean to be the best place for our children and youth to grow and thrive? Only by working together can we determine what child and youth centered communities look like for Pierce County.

What can you do?

Just as our county spans from the tides of the Puget Sound to the summit of Mount Rainier, this movement can only be considered whole if there are committed players at every level. Some will affect change and shape the culture within their homes and neighborhoods. Others will operate from an aerial view, orchestrating funding and policies that enable systems change.

AMBASSADORS | They celebrate CYC

Community members who believe in prioritizing the best interests of children and youth in Pierce County. They stay connected to CYC through our newsletter and social media and proudly display a CYC sticker to promote the initiative within their communities.

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SUPERCHAMPS | They actualize CYC

Entities and individuals who generate ideas, take action to elevate CYC, attend convenings, and contribute resources. 

Organizations that offer youth programming, businesses that foster a sense of belonging for children and youth, funders and sponsors of the CYC movement, and community members with grand plans for CYC projects are all invited to submit their activities and ideas to be recognized for their efforts.

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VISIONARIES | They orchestrate CYC

A group of leaders who come from different sectors across the county that guide the CYC initiative, leverage support, and connect their organizations’ missions to supporting the lives of children and youth. Visionaries are elected by current members on a rolling basis. 

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In 2014 Greentrike hosted its first annual Symposium with the goal of engaging, provoking, and inspiring attendees to consider what a child and youth centered community could be. 

At the 2019 Symposium, an advisory committee made up of over 30 cross-sector partners acknowledged that the idea of child and youth centered communities had taken root and blossomed, and that it was time to start thinking about action and measurement. 

We are now moving forward and need you to be part of the community conversation and subsequent action.

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Child and Youth Centered Visionaries

The Visionaries are the core group of business, government, and community leaders who strive to make Pierce County a friendlier place for children and youth.

Organizations Represented by the Visionaries

CYC Visionary Organizations

Symposium: Building a Child and Youth Centered Community

The Symposium: Building a Child and Youth Centered Community is an annual conference that inspires, provokes, engages, and activates the community to create a Pierce County where all children and youth thrive.

2023 Symposium

2022 Symposium