Child and Youth Centered Communities

How can we make Pierce County the best place to grow up?

We want to answer that question — with real action. What does it mean to be the best place for our children and youth to grow and thrive?

What can you do?

There’s the old saying, ‘it takes a village to raise a child,’ but if you don’t directly interact with children, you may not recognize your potential to make your community more youth centered. How can you contribute to a thriving community?


In 2014 Greentrike hosted its first annual Symposium, with the goal of engaging, provoking, and inspiring attendees to consider what a child and youth centered community could be. The inaugural Symposium was made up of a series of “What If” presentations by Pierce County community members. 

imagining a child and youth centered community. 

At the 2019 Symposium, an advisory committee made up of over 30 cross-sector partners acknowledged that the idea of child and youth centered communities had taken root and blossomed since its introduction in 2014, and that it was time to start thinking about action and measurement. We are now moving forward and need you to be part of the community conversation and subsequent action. 

Imagine a community where children and youth are intentionally considered in all major decision-making, and where adults across our entire community see themselves as part of the solution to create a thriving place for children and youth to grow and learn. We need everyone to be part of the effort if it’s going to succeed.

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Child and Youth Centered Visionaries

The Visionaries are the core group of business, government, and community leaders who strive to make Pierce County a friendlier place for children and youth.

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Child and Youth Centered Visionary Organizations

Promise of Play Symposium

The Promise of Play Symposium: Building a Child and Youth Centered Community is an annual conference that inspires, provokes, engages, and activates the community to create a Pierce County where all children and youth thrive.

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