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Greentrike OSTI Services and Supports

Greentrike OSTI unifies the efforts of nonprofits, businesses, schools, colleges, and city agencies of Pierce County, WA. Together, they strive towards a meaningful goal to better opportunities and outcomes for all children and youth, starting with those furthest removed from opportunity.

It Takes a Community to Power Long-Term Systemic Change

Greentrike OSTI purposefully strives to identify and challenge the impact of race, color, and ethnicity that affect children, youth, and community outcomes to address issues of racism and bias. We believe all youth should have access to equitable, high-quality, fun, culturally responsive ELO programs, starting with those furthest removed from opportunities.  Many types of institutions bring valuable advocacy, awareness, and resources to a mission like this. Pierce County children and youth need a variety of learning enrichment opportunities and mentors to help them discover play and spark as a way of reaching their full potential. Help power this change, join Greentrike OSTI today!

Zone Check in Rooms Learn more about the Zone Check in by visiting these interactive rooms.

  • Community-based nonprofits
  • Grassroots & Individual Providers
  • Housing & Health Organizations
  • Collective Impact Organizations
  • Childcare Providers
  • Local parks & reservations
  • Cultural institutions
  • Businesses
  • Colleges
  • Schools
  • City agencies
  • Public and private funders

ELO Providers learn how to infuse quality, culturally relevant programming to students of diverse backgrounds and identities.  Students at these schools learn how to manage emotions, achieve positive goals, and determine their goals for academic success.

Using shared strategies and common language between the in-and-out-of-school time space, staff who interact with students (on the school bus, in hallways, in classrooms and during Expanded Learning Opportunities) model and support the social and emotional practices that are grounded in anti-racist and culturally relevant programming.

Caring adults, children, and youth learn the importance of Warm Welcome, Emotion Checks, and Community Circles through the framework of the Out-of-School Time Ecosystem. This framework is the thread that runs throughout ELO programs.

In ELO programs, participating schools and ELO partners share information and data to support continuous improvement of learning and practices.