Beyond the Bell and Club Beyond

Beyond the Bell and Club B

Become a Provider in Tacoma Public Schools

Tacoma Public Schools, Greentrike, Metro Parks Tacoma, and community partners have come together to launch Beyond the Bell and Club B, a comprehensive program providing afterschool activities at all of Tacoma’s elementary and middle schools, as well as offering field trips to regional parks and city attractions on days when school is not in session.

Become an Affiliate or Refer a Youth Organization

We invite partners to join us in the after-school space. By utilizing existing grants, voter-approved initiatives, and private donations, we have resources for impactful program provisions that address the unique needs of Tacoma’s school community. We are redeveloping a more fair and just system to serve our students and their families better and closer to their homes. Let’s join forces and make a lasting difference in the lives of Tacoma’s youth.

Greentrike’s Providers in Tacoma get access to

  • One of the largest school districts in Washington state
  • 18,706 students
  • 36 elementary schools
  • 12 middle schools

Join our provider network to bring outstanding afterschool programs and activities to students in
Tacoma Public Schools

Current Affiliates

About the Program

Beyond the Bell and Club B are after-school programs focused on enrichment activities, including sports, arts, and academic supports rooted in social and emotional learning. Through programs like Beyond the Bell and Club B, kids in Tacoma elementary and middle schools have access to fun, meaningful after-school activities.