On August 17, 2023, Greentrike will launch the Monarch Diaper Bank at the Children’s Museum of Tacoma. The Monarch Diaper Bank provides free diapering supplies for families to pick up at the Children’s Museum of Tacoma during operational hours on Thursdays and Saturdays. Families are invited to receive a 5-day supply of diapers and a package of wipes per child in addition to enjoying Pay as You Will Admission to play inside the Museum.

The Monarch Diaper Bank will be located in the Children’s Museum of Tacoma lobby, and families can collect supplies without any registration requirements. Optional online surveys will be available for guests of the Diaper Bank to help Greentrike improve services.

The launch of the Diaper Bank is currently a pilot program for two days a week. A plan for future expansion includes increasing the number of operational days and opening a second location at the Children’s Museum at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

“A diaper bank is not something commonly found inside a children’s museum, but it makes so much sense for us, given Greentrike’s mission, commitment to access, and partnership with families,” said Alyssa Tongue, learning experience director at Greentrike. “We’re thrilled to welcome families into our doors to pick up the supplies they need while they play, learn, and create.”

Children’s museums are renowned local destinations and community resources, making the Children’s Museum of Tacoma the natural choice for the Monarch Diaper Bank’s home. The location of the diaper bank provides families already visiting the Museum with access to diapering resources while offering those visiting for supplies a chance to partake in the Museum’s playscapes, learning programs, events, and creative experiences.

The Monarch Diaper Bank was established by Maxine McCallum to honor her child, Arlo. Maxine shared, “In 2018, we lost our son to stillbirth. Since then, we have strived to create a legacy for him that he was not able to leave himself.”

Thus, Maxine was driven to action by hosting a diaper drive each year to help collect diapering supplies for local nonprofit organizations — much-needed supplies that one in three families in the U.S. struggle to provide for their children.

“Diapers are as essential to a child’s well-being as food and shelter are, yet state and safety net programs do not recognize them as a basic need,” said Maxine. “As a mother, I cannot imagine not being able to change my child’s diaper as needed.”

Donations from the Monarch Benefit Show and Diaper Drive provided funding to launch the Monarch Diaper Bank at the Children’s Museum of Tacoma. Greentrike is proud to provide a space for the Diaper Bank and support fundraising for this vital need for families in the community. To donate, please visit

Support the Monarch Diaper Bank by donating at greentrike.co/donate-monarch