Group Visits are Now Available

Group Visits are Now Available

We are offering Group Visits at Children’s Museum of Tacoma and Children’s Museum at JBLM on Wednesdays and during all public hours.

The Children’s Museums of Tacoma and at JBLM are safe, stimulating environments showcasing the natural connection between play and life-long learning in our one-of-a-kind playscapes. Schedule your group visit to enhance classroom learning, spark creative spirit, and promote community building.

Inclusive Group Visits

If you are looking for a quieter experience for a group with children with special needs, book a visit by filling out our form.

Basic Group Visit Package

Basic Visits are scheduled in 1 (one) hour and 30-minute blocks.
Reservations must be made 2 (two) weeks in advance.


Visits during regular operating hours
$50 for 15 people or fewer
$80 for 16–30 people
$110 for 31–45 people

Groups larger than 45 people can be accommodated at both Museums on Wednesdays.

Visits during closed days (Wednesdays)
$160 for 16–30 people
$220 for 31–45 people
$350 for 45+ people


$45 for up to 30 people for 30 minutes

Children’s Museum of Tacoma is limited to one lunchroom.
Children’s Museum at JBLM offers two lunchrooms.

Please note, memberships do not apply to group visits.


  •  Pre-registration guarantees Museum exploration for your entire group at your scheduled time.
  • We cannot guarantee admission for your group without preregistration.
  • Groups that visit without a reservation will be charged the basic group visit rate.
  • Group Visits are not intended for birthday parties.
  • Payment due two weeks prior to date of visit.

To Book A Visit

Make your reservation today by filling out the form below.

Contact us to schedule your next group visit