The Children’s Museums of Tacoma and at JBLM regularly showcase artwork from local community artists. Our latest artist in residence is Zane Scott, and many of the Museum activities during this residence period are inspired by Scott’s use of found and recycled objects.

Zane Scott is a local artist who works with found objects and blown glass. Zane started making art at Hilltop Heritage Middle School where he took a glassblowing class with Hilltop Artists. He would keep working with glass, inspiring him to study art and design at Alfred University. Here he would experiment with new materials like melting fast-food toys and old technology inspired by the changing times and nostalgic memories. Since graduating in 2022, Zane has been working as a production glassblower in Seattle and a teaching artist with Hilltop Artists.

Pieces of Scott’s artwork, pictured below, are currently displayed at the Children’s Museum of Tacoma and the Children’s Museum at JBLM.

Featured Artwork

Museum Activities Inspired by Zane Scott

If you’ve been to the Children’s Museums of Tacoma or at JBLM recently, you may have noticed activities using found objects throughout the Studios. For example, at the Children’s Museum at JBLM, children have the opportunity to turn CDs and other recycled materials into hanging mobile sculptures, or weave found items through the cells of a plastic grid.

At the Recycled Weaving stations, ribbons and other recycled materials are available for visitors to weave in between a plastic grid to create a collaborative art piece, practicing fine motor skills as they do so.

At the Found Object Mobile stations, visitors are invited to hang any number of found objects from the hooks and chains provided to practice finding balance with the mobile and create interesting sculptures.

Showcase Your Work at the Museums

The Children’s Museums of Tacoma and at JBLM regularly showcase artwork from local community artists, like Zane Scott.

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