Since 2012, Preschool Powered by Play has served the community with preschool and toddler classes inspired by Reggio Emilia’s early learning principles. This early learning approach drew the Clark family to our preschool and led them to enroll all three of their children in our program. When we asked them, the Clark family readily shared what they appreciate about Preschool Powered by Play and what sets our program heads and shoulders above the rest.

Carla Clark

Your preschool was incredible! This is what preschools should be. Your kids are bright, distinct individuals and very creative. They were lovingly nurtured to be themselves and to explore their interests and also things new to them.

This team of two teachers treats their kiddos with the utmost respect, using tenderness and loving kindness to guide their growth! They work diligently to provide a happy and safe place for children to learn about the world, others, and themselves. There were distinct routines that the children could learn and rely on.

The activities provided for them every day were carefully designed to stimulate their minds and expand their horizons. Children were encouraged to make their own choices during those times. What a positive way to teach children that they are worthy and respected individuals. Activities also included free play, songs, movement, stories, art, sharing, and even organized social events like snack time routines.

What a beautiful experience for little ones as they learn about the world and their place in it! A great foundation for their lives!

John Clark

Oh man, there’s so much. We used to talk about how they learned to play with kids and all the reading. Of course, all three of them gravitated toward the reading. Also, I think they learned how to trust people. I mean the way that those teachers are with them, I think they learn respect, for lots of things there, I think. Respect for books, respect for other kids, their feelings, and respect for other adults other than their parents and grandparents.

What made you decide to enroll your first child in Preschool Powered by Play?

We had read about Montessori and Reggio approaches and knew we wanted a preschool that had similar principles. We wanted a school that really valued them as people. We especially wanted a place where they would be talked to as capable people. We also value art highly, and reading, and PPP had the right mix of all those things.

What inspired you to enroll your other children and what keeps you coming back each year?

Lots of reasons! But especially because we really loved all the teachers at PPP. We love the way they interacted with all of our kids, gently encouraging them to learn and explore, and giving them the space to create art and make friends in such a supportive environment.

What were your children’s favorite Preschool activities? 

Savion: “being outside, playing on the playground. There were my friends there”

Logan: “my favorite thing about preschool was reading books” (incidentally this is still her favorite thing)

Silas: “I think it was art, it might have been art”

One of the Clark children enjoyed his time at Preschool, and she aims to go back into the classroom as a volunteer. Logan shared, “I would like to volunteer at preschool because I really enjoyed preschool, and I think it would help them to be taught by someone who isn’t a grown up, who is more their age. Also, it would give me good experience for when I’m older”

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