This National Volunteer Week, we want to thank all of our wonderful volunteers that dedicate their valuable time and talents to providing playful experiences for children, youth, and families alongside Greentrike and the Children’s Museums of Tacoma and at JBLM.

Meet Some of Our Volunteers

Every day, volunteers dedicate their valuable time and talent to helping Greentrike and the Museums provide playful experiences for children, youth, and families. Whether they are engaging in Early Learning activities with Museum visitors, helping to set up special events, assembling Greentrike Cares Kits, or any number of other critical work, our volunteers do amazing work to benefit children, youth, and families in our community.

Meet just a few of our amazing volunteers, find out what they do, and what they have to say about their volunteer experiences!


“There are several reasons why I volunteer,” says Linda, who has been volunteering occasionally for several years but really engaged during lockdown with weekly Cares Kits and now in person with weekly project assistance. “I like giving back to my community, meeting and working with new people and doing activities that support children. It makes me happy to volunteer with an organization that cares so much about children.”

Linda’s work can be seen in nearly every Greentrike program, from the Monarch Diaper Bank, fundraisers, and more. Here, she is pictured cutting templates for Play to Learn that children will be using for their art projects. When asked about her most memorable experiences, she says, “The Gala preparation was my most memorable experience volunteering. It was so much fun working behind the scenes and being a part of something that was so important.”


AJ, a volunteer at the Children’s Museum at JBLM and with Play to Learn, aims to “give back to the youth and my military community because I’m a big fan of spreading joy through Arts services.” They reflected on painting with children and their parents as the most memorable experience that they had while volunteering.


During their time as a remote volunteer, Sijeeta entered feedback data that shaped our services. “It was rewarding to see my work drive meaningful improvements,” they said. “I volunteer because I believe in the power of community and the impact of collective effort. It’s a way for me to give back, learn new skills, and connect with people who share similar values. The satisfaction of contributing to a cause I care about is deeply rewarding.”


Logan chose to become a volunteer at Greentrike’s Preschool Powered by Play after attending the program themselves. They shared, “I would like to volunteer at preschool because I really enjoyed preschool, and I think it would help them to be taught by someone who isn’t a grown up, who is more their age.” One of Logan’s favorite parts of their work is talking with the children and reading to them.

Read more about Logan’s story and that of their family with the Preschool Powered by Play here!


JaLesha volunteered at the Museum for their Practicum Hours at RTC. They said that their most memorable experience was “seeing all aged children enjoying themselves.”

Volunteer Interns

Interns at Greentrike work in multiple different departments. Meet just a few of our past Communication and Marketing Volunteer Interns, who are students with a focus on graphic design, copy writing, marketing, communications, or marketing and created work that showcases our Children’s Museums, marquee events, and county-wide community programs. Apply today if you are a student with a focus on graphic design, copy writing, marketing, communications, or marketing.


“As a student at local Northwest College of Art & Design, I was given the opportunity to intern as part of my program! I found Greentrike in my search for a creative and inspiring place to gain experience in my field as a Designer & Illustrator. It has been a pleasure and a great learning experience to have been able to Intern with Greentrike, and see how helpful the things I am creating in my work can be to people!” Rae’s hard work can be seen in a number of graphic design and illustrative projects, including program flyers, donor appreciation cards, playscape and Gnarkles illustrations, and more!

“Something I like to look back on in my experience at Greentrike was seeing Voyager in person during my initial tour and later getting to bring it to life as an illustration. It was such a fun dynamic indoor playground, and next to the wooden waves next to them I couldn’t help but imagine it sailing on choppy seas. I had the chance to make several greeting cards for the museum donors, including some of the children’s artwork and one of my own, and Voyager it was! It was fun bringing it to colorful life through illustration, and equally as fun to see the joy it brought others :)”

Check out Rae’s portfolio here or their Instagram at @raeerae_art


Erick, who became a volunteer intern while attending NCAD, designed a number of graphics for Greentrike events, including the digital quilt for the 2023 Power of Play Lunch. He shared, “I chose to volunteer because I have a passion to design and create cool posters and graphics. I needed real experience in the field to learn, and grow to become a better graphic designer. I chose to volunteer with Greentrike because there was a strong sense of community, love, and creativity.”


Annabella, a volunteer intern while attending NCAD, worked on a number of illustrative projects with Greentrike, including the Gnarkles illustration that can be found on some of the Museum’s Pay As You Will shirts.